Nelson is so full of useful information and very supportive!  – Megan Navarro

Nelson can customize your work out to target the sport or activity of your choosing.- Dr. Manuel Iribar

If your looking for awesome, challenging workouts that you will never get bored with, call Believe, they are amazing!!! – Dina Hani Loutfi

Nelson is a committed trainer. He is motivated, challenging, supportive, consistent, dedicated and above all passionate about health and fitness! An excellent choice to help you reach your fitness goals. 🙂 – Monique Ogden

I have worked alongside Nelson over the past few years. He is dedicated to everyone he trains. He gives 100% of his focus and effort to help people reach whatever goals they set for themselves. Through all the sweat, tears, and hard work he makes the journey worth it! –  Rebecca Kelly

Since I’ve been training with Nelson, My swing is more sound, I look better, feel better. I won my first Tournament since training, and have finished tied for second at worst, since we have been working together. I Suggest him to anyone looking to improve in life and the sports or activities that Drive Them!

Thanks Buddy, see ya soon- Ryan Nystrand

5 stars hands down….. I got carried away !!! – Rhonda Bennette

Grrreat Place AWESOME, Challenging workouts ! – Lucien Boulet

One of the best, thoughtful trainers I have had, who truly understands what it takes to “ramp up” to a level of fitness, regardless of where you start. Two thumbs Up!! – Yuri Zygala

I started with Nelson two years ago. My family and I never thought I would stick to it. I have and it’s been awesome. I feel great and look my best. He has done an amazing job! I highly recommend him!                                                                  – Nancy Freinberg Cohen

Nelson has truly changed my life , I have never been an exercise person but all that changed when I started working out twice a week with Nelson . Now I am working towards being in the best shape of my life and for once I actually look forward to waking up at 630 am and exercising. Thank you Nelson!! – Doug Seyhan