12 Week Program


​​​​I help 18 – 60 year old women and mothers who want to not only look but feel great, and be comfortable in their own skin. I help busy male entrepreneurs who are struggling with their health, and happiness after over committing to their business or work.  This 12 week program will be very hands on with unique training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to change habits, transform lives, and unleash that warrior woman and man within. So you must fit the following criteria to apply:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Looking to get into the best shape of your life and lose a minimum of 20lb of fat.
  • Want to add lean, toned, and firm muscle quickly.
  • Can dedicate 60 minutes and commit 3 times a week to exercise.
  • Are willing to listen, apply my coaching to change your body and outlook on effective fitness.
  • Don’t mind working hard and feeling amazing!

I am so confident in the effectiveness of it that when you follow the program and I don’t exceed your expectations I will give 100% of your money back, guaranteed. BUT…

IMPORTANT: If you’re not going to commit 100% to the transformation, which includes very unique training,  specifically designed nutrition for your body and goals, recipes, meal plans and grocery list, mindset coaching strategies, and accountability; please do not claim one of the 10 spots.


“I was Skeptical when I first started this course but I thought ‘what the hell. I have tried everything else.’ I found it so much easier than I thought. I stuck to the tasks like glue, and not only do I feel better but I lost 17lbs too. It is a very realistic approach to health in the real world. Nelson is always on hand if needing support too. Plus you have the resource for life.”

~~ Kathy

“Nelson approaches health from a holistic point of view. His motto is ” if it is in the mind it is in the body.” The course not only focused on the food I eat and the exercise I do, but also how I feel mentally. Nelson was wonderfully supportive throughout the process, and gave me lots of useful information that I can reuse whenever I need to. It is a roller coaster ride but is well worth it. If you work with Nelson it will change you for the better.”

~~ Paula

On Saturday, May 28, 2016, I reluctantly responded to a Facebook advertisement for a 12 week program with Believe. That evening, Nelson Arias called me and he asked me some questions about my physical condition and my goals. I had just turned 54 years old and weighed over 260 lbs at 6’1” tall. I told him I was interested in getting back in shape and was looking for someone who could help me with exercise and nutrition. We made arrangements to meet Monday morning, Memorial Day. We met on Memorial Day for a short time and he showed me his facility and explained the program and some of the details. I signed up with little hesitation and made arrangements to start the next day, Tuesday, May 31, 2016. To say this was one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life would be an understatement. I needed to turn over the guidance and instruction regarding exercise and nutrition to someone else. I just wanted to focus on working hard and NOT have to think about much else in way of routines or what to eat. Nelson has been this person for me and then some. On the exercise side of things, he’s been stellar. His routines are always fresh and challenging and incredibly efficient. I get a harder, more intense, and more effective workout in 30 plus minutes than I have ever experienced. He’s helped me to work muscles I didn’t know I had. Although he pushes me hard, he has also been masterful in helping me work around two injuries over the 6 months I’ve been training with him. Instead of telling me to come back when I’m healed, he has modified my routines so that I could keep working out while letting my injuries heal. He has been able to keep me in the game, so to speak, something for which I am very grateful. On the nutrition side, Nelson provided a list of items to buy (food and supplements) as well as a 12 week daily plan. Though I have not followed the daily plan 100%, I’ve been able to completely change my eating habits following the supplement guide, food list, and loosely using the 12 week daily plan. Bottom line, I eat better than ever and it’s now routine to do so! The results? Well, I feel great and my family and friends frequently comment on the difference they see, especially those who haven’t seen me in a while. I’m often asked, “How are you doing it”? The key for me has been getting a trainer who pushes me, who is genuinely invested in my results, and to whom I feel accountable — someone expecting me to show up at 5:30 AM on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and then again Saturday mornings. An added bonus is the Believe facility. It’s got tons of stuff to support all kinds of exercises and the one-on-one attention has really worked well for me. I started the program at 262 lbs and I was wearing pants 42 inches in waist size. I now weigh 238 lbs and my new 38” waist pants fit loosely. I was in 2XL shirts that were tight and I now comfortably wear XL shirts. My strength has improved as has my cardio. If you are where I was, needing a push to get started, someone to hold you accountable, and someone to give you the instruction and tools to help get you there effectively and efficiently, then I highly recommend Nelson Arias and Believe. If you work hard and stay disciplined, the results will be extraordinary.

~~ John DiCenso